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Once a Brother, always a brother. As a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, you may be a part of a professional organization, but really you are apart of an international brotherhood of built-in friends who you may come to know as a family. As a brother, you are subject to a multitude of benefits both in the academic setting and away from it.

At Beta Rho in particular, you have the opportunity to experience one of the most tight-knit chapters, being awarded on multiple occasions for unwittingly sticking to the first object of our oath. Members regularly hang out around town and enjoy the company of one another whether it be in Aggieville or studying for the next class.

With membership you have access to a personal laboratory run by the students so that you can practice your accuracy and curiosities within a safe environment. Just a hop, skip and a jump away is a luxuriously furnished private area for brothers to relax outside of classes. This features all the amenities of a normal breakroom with the addition of couches and FREE color printing.

With the extensive reputation of the Beta Rho chapter, one can enjoy the ability to visit other chapters for networking, brotherhood, or even the installation of other chapters. Close by is the Kansas City Professional Chapter, all of its members are practicing in scientific careers and are welcome to networking with collegiate members to get them a foot in the door.

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