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What is a professional fraternity?

A professional fraternity selects its members based on common professional goals and interests. The more common social fraternities choose their members based on similar social interests. However, professional fraternities can have just as much fun as social ones- just ask any one of our members.

What is pledging?

Pledging is a process undertook by prospective members. It involves a lot of time spent with full brothers and learning about the history of the fraternity. Nearly all pledges love their time and look fondly back on their pledgeship. Pledging is really just a fun way of committing to a free trial of the fraternity.

Is pledging fun?

We certainly hope so! Not only do you learn about the fraternity itself, but you also have a chance to interact with current brothers and form strong connections!  We host various social events throughout the year and such events are a prime opportunity to get to know your future brothers.

Is AΧΣ only at K-State?

No! There are over 50 chapters of AΧΣ and more than 70,000 members all across the United States.

Aren't fraternities just for men?

Although most fraternities for women call themselves sororities, fraternity is the more general term for a Greek letter organization. We are a fraternity in the true sense of the word. All members are referred to as brothers, including our female members.

What will I do as a pledge?

As a pledge you will have a ‘Big.’ This is an active member whom will act as mentor and help you through the pledging process. You’ll need to learn a little about the fraternity's history and alchemy (yes, you will be quizzed). Mostly though, you will be having fun and learning what brotherhood is all about. Pledge events include bowling, a potluck, trivia night, AΧΣ Jeopardy, painting, and many more

Will I have to pay dues?

Sort of. In most fraternities and sororities, members must pay monthly dues. In AΧΣ, there is a one time fee prior to initiation that will cover your expenses as a brother for the remainder of your membership- which is lifelong.

Does AΧΣ Haze?

Absolutely not. As a professional fraternity, we have a zero-tolerance policy on hazing. Pledges who are uncomfortable with what is asked of them by a member of the fraternity should voice their concerns and, if necessary, report the matter to one of the fraternity officers.

Can I be a member of another fraternity or sorority if I join AΧΣ?

Since we are the only chemistry fraternity on campus, the answer is yes. In fact, several of our brothers are also in social fraternities and sororities.

What's the time commitment of pledging?

Expect to spend a few hours per week with your potential brothers and fellow pledges. We have mandatory pledge meetings once a week and recommended activities on some weekends. The time commitment is more than that to join most clubs, but much less than that to join a social fraternity. The time commitment for pledging is meant to be the same as for a minimally active member. All that being said, many pledges find themselves voluntarily spending more time with Alpha Chi Sigma than required.

I’m a grad student. Why would I want to associate with undergrads?

Well, first of all, we are not only undergrads. Many of our active members are graduate students. In fact, many professors are also AΧΣ brothers. Since we are a professional fraternity, we also have an active presence in industry and a number of professional chapters. AΧΣ is not just for undergrads, it’s for life.

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