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To join Alpha Chi Sigma, you must first go through formal pledging.

Pledging is a six week process where you, the 'pledge', have time to get to know our members while also learning about the fraternity. 'Pledgucation' will be held on Thursday nights. After pledging, pledges who choose to become apart of Alpha Chi Sigma will be initiated. Prior to initiation, pledges must pay a one time fee of $320. This will cover your expenses as a brother for the remainder of your membership- which is lifelong. Don't let this fee stop you from joining- there are payment plans available!


At the beginning of the semester, we have events nearly every night of the week for prospective pledges to get to know our current members. These events may include bowling, laser tag, a potluck, trivia nights, painting, and movie nights! After this, we have information meetings for the more logistical parts of joining the fraternity. After sending in an interest form, and being accepted as a pledge, you will begin pledgucation. At the end of pledgucation there will be a test. Don't worry- we will help you learn everything you need to know! Below is the sourcebook with all the necessary information and some other interesting knowledge. 






For those interested, we have noncommittal informational meetings near the start of each semester. If you want to contact us to find out about the next informational meeting, reach out to Vice Master Alchemist, Sydney Tobis, at or head over to our Contact Us page. The dates of the informational meetings will be on the Calendar page as soon as they are determined.





Members of Alpha Chi Sigma have a wide variety of opportunities upon initiation:


  • Community

    • As stated in the Objects, our fraternity strives to bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship. College can be a daunting place when trying to meet new people. In Alpha Chi Sigma, you can find a community of like-minded individuals. We put on many events throughout the school year, such as pumpkin carving, IHOP runs, movie nights, watch parties, and camping trips. 

  • Support network

    • As stated in the Objects, our fraternity strives to aid its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemists. Be that tutoring or a suggestion of a job opportunity, we as brothers do what we can to help each other.

  • Relationships with professors

    • Every year, we host a faculty dinner. At this event, members are able to meet professors and form valuable relationships outside of the classroom. 

  • Perform demonstration shows for local schools

    • Our fraternity offers a service to local schools and other groups where we put on 'magic shows.' These shows use chemistry to perform a variety of tricks and cool visuals to get kids interested in chemistry.

  • Leadership

    • Once a member, those interested are encouraged to run for an Alpha Chi Sigma officer position. In these positions, officers are in charge of a number of tasks for the fraternity. It's a great experience that looks great on a resume!  

  • Trips

    • As a member, you are offered the opportunity to go on trips. These trips are usually paid in full by the fraternity!



Alpha Chi Sigma is open to students that are pursuing the advancement of science either by education, practice, or curiosity.

Typically, our joining members are majoring in a field in which chemistry predominates; however, this is not required. Believe it or not, we have members from nursing, medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, biology, ChemE, and food sciences!


For questions regarding membership or the pledging process, please contact the

Vice Master Alchemist, Sydney Tobis, at


If you would like to pledge, please fill out the interest form below and send it to



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